Life Coaching: With a Specialty in Working with Artists

As a Life Coach, I work with clients to help them achieve specific goals -- like becoming more assertive, creating a new life purpose, or changing careers. I also specialize in helping frustrated artists (or would-be artists) fit their creative work into their larger lives.  

With work, families, and household responsibilities, it can be very difficult to make time for the painter to paint, the carver to carve, the musician to compose or play music.
At times, it is just difficult to start or to follow-through with projects.  Sometimes the problem comes down to a lack of confidence, overabundance of guilt, anxiety, or a tendency to procrastinate

I strive to help Life Coaching clients identify their blocks and break through them.  By setting realistic goals and meeting them, clients are able to grow in their creative lives.

I also balance my therapy work, with creating sculptures, working with wood as well as music, so I understand the inevitable frustration that accompanies blocks in creative energy.  Sometimes we have to take risks or sacrifice other things in order to get to our art.   I can help you find ways to set goals and follow through, supporting you along the way as you do your work, whatever that work might be.

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